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Styling A Vest

Do people still wear vests? LOL Its a question Ive asked before for sure. But when the moto and military style vests came along I knew I had to try one out for myself. Styling vests can be tricky because you don’t want one that drowns out your outfit and you don’t want one that is so tiny it underwhelms your outfit.

This black vest is from Cotton On. One of my favorite stores of all time. This one has a secret drawstring around the waist which you can loosen or cinch to accentuate your waist. blackvest1Tip: Wear a loose fitted blouse, top or loose fitted dress with your vest. This makes your look more effortless.

blackvest3This top is from Marshalls and these jeans are from H&M.

blackvest4These booties tho. They are Steve Madden and are some of the most comfortable shoes Ive ever worn.

blackvest5When you wear a simple outfit its always a good and FUN thing to dress it up with some dainty rings and a bracelet, watch or bangle.

blackvest7 blackvest6This is a simple pendent necklace sold on Culture Of Cali.com.

I found some similar pieces you could shop to get outfit almost like this one! Shop Below!


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Boho Floral

Summer is finally here! My kiddos are home from school and work has been cray but I’m hoping to continue to shell out some more blog entries despite that! Vacay is for sure calling my name and I’m hoping to get around to that too! Do you have any cool summer things planned??

 I’m so excited to expand my summer wardrobe. Kimonos to me are the perfect thing to wear for summer because of there easy flowing and lightweight. They also usually come in super bright colors and prints. This kimono is one I found at Nordstrom Rack. A dangerous place for me to be in because well I can spend a whole paycheck there if I had a choice. But this is the real world and I have real bills. Real Talk. So when I walked in there I went straight to the clearance rack. I found this super cute kimono there! I decided to pair it with a basic black sleeveless shirt, some dark jeans(I wore this outfit to church) but you can definitely switch out for some cute cutoff shorts for summer and nude ankle boots. Some cute gladiator sandals would go great with an outfit like this too!

bohofloral1Ive had these ankle boots for forever! They are from H&M!

bohofloral2bohofloral4This gray bag was given to me by one of my great friends and its from Charming Charlie!

bohofloral3bohofloral5My Love earrings are from my soon to launch boutique Culture Of Cali! Rings are from H&M and one of them was a flea market find!

bohofloral6bohofloral7I love this delicate simple necklace! Its also from Culture Of Cali!

bohofloral8Here are my outfit details!

Kimono- Nordstrom Rack

Tank- Nordstrom Rack

Jeans- Cotton On

Bag- Charming Charlie


Jewelry from Culture Of Cali & H&M

Thank you! Thank you! SOOOOOO much for reading and checking out my blog today! Hope to hear from ya ;)


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The White Blouse

The white blouse is what every women needs in her closet at all times, right? Well I’m going to admit, this is the one and ONLY white blouse I have in my closet. I really have no business wearing white because I attract every stain in the world when I wear it. Which is the biggest reason I steer away from white.

Although I have this weird love hate relationship with white I really do believe that it looks good on everyone and it looks clean, crisp and well put together. Its a classic.



My white blouse is from Cotton On. Its super comfy, flowy and bright!


Oh hey pants, also from Cotton On.



My Rebecca, Rebecca Minkoff. This little gem was a gift from my hubby for my birthday and I LOVE it and cannot wait for my next one! That minimal golden bow ring is from my shop Culture Of Cali(coming soon). that amazing arm candy is from Culture Of Cali as well!


 I’m obsessed with these 3D earrings that will be available at Culture Of Cali! (my lipstick is by Wet N Wild, it was like $1.50, Um yes please)


This geometric teardrop ring is so minimal and sweet, guess what?? Its also from Culture Of Cali :)


So I’m a huge ankle boot lover. Like I have a lot and honestly can never have enough ankle boots. These are Steve Madden and are the most comfy shoes ever! They were pretty dirty and when I was putting them on in a hurry and I needed to clean them in a hurry. There just so happened to be some furniture polish near my bed from earlier cleaning and I was like whelp, this should work! LOOK AT HOW SHINY MY SHOES ARE!!!! It worked, am I right?



What up guys? HA! I’m thinking I should wear more white. What do you think?

newxologoShop my look below!




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OOTD: Denim Dress

Whoot! I’m officially flu free! That stuff was no joke. Besides being sick I’ve been getting into the hang of my new job as a patient registration clerk at a hospital which I actually love because I like meeting new people! I think the biggest change for me since starting is having little to no time to do fun things like hanging out with friends and doing cool stuff like write blogs :) That’s what I miss most! We’ve also been keeping busy with church small groups and family outings!

Ok now for the fun part of this blog! LOL! If you couldn’t tell already from my last post, I’m starting to embrace wearing dresses a little more. I especially love pairing dresses with tights or leggings. To me its one of the simplest ways to look stylish and chic with little effort! This dress is one I picked up from H&M and I think the leggings are from there too! With Spring right around the corner I cant wait to embrace this dress obsession of mine even more!

My birthday is tomorrow and I’m already starting to think of what I will wear for my birthday celebration! Maybe another dress? Whatever I pick I promise to post pics of my bday outfit soon!


denim2When I bought this dress I had no idea there were pockets in it! Score!



When wearing a dress with leggings the first rule of thumb I go by is if the dress covers my butt and my crotch! It makes me cringe to see girls wearing short tops with leggings! No just no!



The boots have been with me for awhile! The cutout detail around the ankle is definitely my favorite feature!



Dress: H&M

Leggings: H&M

Shoes: Call it Spring

Bag: Ross

Sunglasses: Culture Of Cali(Coming again soon)

Bracelet: Culture Of Cali(Coming again soon)

Ok! Hopefully I will be able to write again soon guys!


Get the look here!

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OOTD: Sweater Dresses

Honestly when winter rolled around I knew I really wanted to start wearing more dresses but I was like eh, I’m not really a dress girl ya know? So I had to find a nice happy medium. Enter the sweater dress. I really like sweater dresses one because they keep you warm :) And two because they are cute without being little girl cutesie! They are the perfect balance of cute but classy. I got this one from Target probably from the clearance rack because even though I may go to Target for some laundry detergent and hangers I always find myself browsing the clearance racks. Target can do that to you. I paired it with some of my go to black booties from H&M and by Kenneth Cole bucket bag which I purchased from Ross. I wore some soups dark lipstick which I’m LOVING right now! Any way that’s my take on the sweater dress. Browse the pics below :)


Oh yeah those are my “in ears” hanging on my neck LOL!






Here’s the outfit low down:

Sweater dress/Target


Necklace/Buffalo Exchange



If you like this I’ve found some things you might like as well!


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Rebel(not really)

Growing up I was always the rule follower. Expect for a stint in fourth grade when I acted out to make up for all the bullying I endured from the boys in my class. Besides fourth grade I had never been to the principles office, was very rarely late to classes and got good grades. I’ve always been pretty good.

But man oh man, these shirts with words on them, they are super cute! I cant help myself, I neeed more shirts with words on them! So when my friend Avelina gave me this one I was like, “Cool, I like gray”. LOL.  I guess everyone of us has a little bit of a rebel within. Yep even you perfect people out there ;)

I love a simple top or blouse because then you can play around and add detail to the rest of your outfit. For this one I added a leather jacket and moto boots to round it all out. This day was cold so I busted out the beanie too! Would you wear a shirt with a phrase or word on it?!








Outfit details//Top OLD NAVY//Pants H&M//Beanie OLD NAVY//Boots DILLARDS//Jewelry CULTURE OF CALI

Ok! Thanks for reading! Till next time!


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Fresh Start

Happy New Year from your gal at USOS! Notice I’m beginning a brand new journey with my blog including a new theme and fresh content. Honestly the story behind this is that my previous page was hacked, BOO! I was a little bummed but even more bummed that the hosting company never contacted us back and therefore I lost all of my previous content, another bummer! So I decided that with the holidays coming I would take a little break and just start all over again. I knew I didn’t want to just give it up because of this big bump in the road so here I am starting anew. I’m ok with that though.

The holiday season was very busy but just as much as it was busy we were blessed. Kids school parties, church events and family gatherings took up most of the time I spent away from blogging! Being around family and friends during this time is a real blessing! I have no regrets about 2014, it was a great year! In 2015 I’ve decided to not sweat the small stuff, to breathe, to smell the roses and truly enjoy all that God has given me. I want to blog more. I want to sing more. I want to grow as a better wife and mother. I want to make lasting friendships. I want to grow in God. I’m hoping to reach more people through this blog and I think I can do it!

Here are some of the moments captured recently! (most of which are photos captured on my phone)


Dressed up to celebrate my dear friend Clarissas bachelorette party in New Orleans!


Here comes the bride!


Our Christmas tree


Happy Thanksgiving from us!


Merry Christmas from us


A pajama Christmas party!


School Parties!


Parties are always better in PJs


I also got a tattoo!


My heart on Christmas Eve


The Alejandros!


Happy New Year!


Ready for 2015!

Ill have some OOTD posts coming soon! So dont forget to enter your email address to subscribe to my blog! Thanks! Heres to a great year!